Vitamin D and Its Positive Effects on Hypertension

August 23, 2013 by Mayank.

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What do you usually think of when you hear the word vitamin D? Some of you might associate vitamin D with sunshine. You won't be wrong on that aspect since vitamin D is one of the essential vitamins we get from the sun. Over the recent years, studies were conducted to show the connection between hypertension and vitamin D. To better understand how these two concepts are intertwined, here's a closer look into the connection between vitamin D and hypertension.

Magnifying on Vitamin D and Hypertension

Haven't you noticed that every time the weather is gloomy, people love to sink in to their bed and sleep for hours? This is because our body is not getting enough vitamin D from the sun which is one of the responsible nutrients that enables us to be active. There are studies that connect gloomy weather to hypertension. The results of some studies show that people who live in areas with higher latitude is exposed to higher risk of hypertension due to the fact that in areas with higher latitude there is less natural ultraviolet-B (UVB) and vitamin D production. Noticeably, colder weather also induces hypertension. This is because blood pressure increases during cold weather conditions. Our body essentially gets our vitamin D supply from environmental sources like the sun. However, the pharmaceutical and medical world has developed serums and supplements that serve as the body's alternative source of vitamin D. Thus, people are presented with varied options on how to source their vitamin D needs.

How Vitamin D Affects Hypertension

Vitamin D and hypertension have a love-hate relationship. When the body is low on vitamin D it is exposed to greater risk of hypertension; on the other hand, when the body is high on vitamin D, there is lesser risk of high blood pressure. In short, the body's intake of vitamin D affects the risk of hypertension.

The major reason why people do not have enough vitamin D on their body is much attributed to their lifestyle which in turn affects their weight. It is important to note that when a person suffers hypertension the heart is having a hard time pumping blood into the blood vessels. Majority of individuals suffering from vitamin D deficiency are people who are overweight. Thus, when these people undertake a physical activity, their heart works double time in pumping blood into their blood vessel which in turn causes hypertension.

Acknowledging the connection between hypertension and vitamin D, physicians and dieticians from all over the world recommend the intake of sufficient vitamin D to reduce the risk of hypertension. Vitamin D is now available in serums and in supplements. Thus, a patient with high blood pressure can now get enough supply of vitamin D by safe sun exposure and supplementation.


Cardiovascular integrity is necessary to prolong life. Thus, maintaining a healthy daily dose of vitamin D is necessary in order to avoid the risk of suffering from hypertension.

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Can Air Purifiers Help with COPD?

October 31, 2012 by Teresa.

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Studies by the Environmental Protection Agency suggest that the air quality in homes poses a significant risk to our health. The risk increases for those suffering with a respiratory disease. Does proper air purification help to alleviate irritants and even perhaps prevent the development of respiratory problems? Although it can help, it is never a cure and will only assist with lessening the symptoms once your airways have been compromised. It never should replace proper medical attention, care, and treatment either.

Even the cleanest homes can contain dust, molds, fumes, irritants, and pollutants. These can aggravate the symptoms of COPD. It is impossible to remove all of the things that lurk in the air of our homes, but an air purification system could help to reduce the irritants that make breathing a little less than easy. Of course, if you live with a smoker, second-hand smoke is the first thing that you need to eliminate. Using a humidifier is another simple way to improve air quality. Air purification systems will not cure a patient, but they may offer some relief.

Using a filtration system as a means for air cleaning may be worth considering. Air purifiers are an effective way to remove smaller sized particles and irritants that can get carried to your lungs and cause respiratory issues. In addition, the simple act of removing carpeting or at the very least reducing the amount of carpeting in your home is highly recommended. Carpeting tends to hold indoor contaminants.

Many doctors actually do recommend an air purification system for those suffering with COPD. However, not all systems are created equal. It would be advisable to do your homework first before making such a purchase. Always remember that although clean air is a worthy pursuit, taking the proper medications and following the treatment plan that your doctor has prescribed should always come first.

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Asthma Treatment Drugs

May 15, 2012 by Tom.

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Asthma is a chronic condition, which affects hundreds of people every year. As such, there are a proportionately large number of treatments. There are three main types of treatment for asthma: oral asthma medications, long acting inhalers, and the essential fast acting inhaler.

A fast acting inhaler is extremely important for any asthmatic. It should be on your person, or easily accessible, at all times. Fast acting inhalers work quickly in the lungs to reduce inflammation and bronchospasms, which quickly reduce the effects of an asthma attack.

Long acting inhalers are also medications delivered by inhalation, but work differently than a fast acting inhaler. Oral corticosteroids work to reduce inflammation in the lungs, and keep it down.

The third type of asthma treatment is oral asthma drugs medications. These work similarly to long-acting inhalers. They work slowly over time to reduce inflammation in the lungs. However, oral asthma medications often have more side effects the long acting inhalers, as the medication must pass through the bloodstream to work, instead of the medication landing directly on lung tissue.

The following are lists of the top selling asthma medications, divided by type.

Fast Acting Inhalers:

Proventil - Proventil is currently the number one fast-acting asthma inhaler in the United States. Proventil's, medicinal ingredient, albuterol, is a bronchodilator. It works to significantly reduce the symptoms of bronchospasms by relaxing the muscles around the airways. This allows the patient to breathe smoothly.

Atrovent - Atrovent is a fast-acting inhaler. Ipratropium bromide, the medicinal ingredient in Atrovent, is a cholinergic medication. It works by opening the airways and relaxing the muscles around them to help the patient quickly breathe better.

Ventolin - also called Albuterol in the US. Ventolin contains the active ingredient Salbutamol, which is a short acting bronchodilator drug. Albuterol or generic Ventolin can be taken on emergencies for fast relief; however it is also taken 2-3 times daily as a long term treatment for asthma.

Long Acting Inhalers:

Advair - Advair is long-acting asthma medication. It has also been prescribed for use with Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease (COPD). Advair has two medicinal ingredients-Fluticasone and Salmeterol. Fluticasone is a steroid that helps to reduce inflammation in the lungs. Salmeterol is a long acting bronchodilator, which works to open airways, allowing more oxygen to be inhaled. Advair is one of the most popular long-acting inhalers on the market today. It can also be bought as a generic; it has the same medicinal ingredients for a significantly lower price.

Symbicort - Symbicort is similar to Advair in its two-medicinal ingredient structure. However, Symbicort uses budenoside, a cortisteroid which controls and reduces asthma symptoms by reducing swelling in the lungs' airways. The second medicinal ingredient is formeterol, a bronchodilator which helps to keep the airways open. Another significant ingredient in brand name and generic Symbicort is inhaled lactose, which some asthmatics may be allergic to.

Asmanex - Asmanex is a single ingredient "twisthaler". It is similar to Symbicort in that it contains milk proteins. However, Asmanex's medicinal ingredient is mometesone, a cortisteroid. Mometesone works by reducing the swelling in the lungs, which allows better airflow and reduces the number of bronchospasms (asthma attacks) in the patient.

Oral Asthma Medications:

Singulair - Singulair comes in two oral forms: a chewable tablet and a pill, to be taken with water. Although mostly prescribed for asthma, many seasonal allergy sufferers also use it. Montelukast, the medicinal ingredient in Singulair, is a leukotriene receptor agonist. These receptor agonists work by blocking the effects of leukotrienes, significantly reducing asthma and seasonal allergy symptoms. Singulair is one of the top selling oral asthma medications, as it can safely be used by almost anyone over the age of 2.

Accolate - Accolate is similar to brand name and generic Singulair in its method of action. Zafirlukast, the medicinal ingredient in Accolate, is also a leukotriene receptor agonist, which works to prevent the body from seizing its airways and reducing swelling in the lungs.

Uniphyl - Uniphyl is an oral asthma medication that is generally taken once a day. Theophylline, the medicinal ingredient in Uniphyl, works by dilating the airways, allowing smoother airflow into the lungs. Theophylline is related to caffeine, therefore patients may build up a tolerance. Patients taking Uniphyl should have periodic blood tests to ensure that proper levels of theophylline are maintained.

Buy asthma inhalers online or oral asthma drugs at Canada pharmacy; you need to consult a health professional about what your conditions like.

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